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Winmau Darren Herewini Darts 24gm


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SKU: 3388
Category: Darts, Tungsten, Winmau


The New Zealand star and World Cup singles winner Darren Herewini has designed his latest barrel to suit his technically perfect and modern throw. The mesmeric Maori has captured many fans with his exciting and flamboyant style, that is reflected perfectly in his darts. Darren has gone for a dual-grip front weighted style that he feels help him get the smoothest trajectory to the board. The darts feel long in the hand with stronger grip at the rear and soft control at the front. Finished with a burnished bronze coat, these are the epitome of modern darts design.

  • Quality 90% Tungsten Darts
  • Length: 50.8mm,  Diameter 6.5mm

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