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Target Agora A05 90% Tungsten Darts 24gm


What is Swiss Point?
Swiss Point (SP) is Target’s patented interchangeable point system that allows you to change your point length, style, and colour in seconds with just a pocket sized SP tool.

Note. Swiss Points are only compatible with Target Darts Swiss Point barrels.

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SKU: 3104
Category: Darts, Target, Tungsten


  • 90% Tungsten
  • Multiple milled cuts on the 5 steel-tip barrel designs mean that Agora provides a suitable yet stunning solution for varied grip styles.
  • Combination of radial grooves and precision milling.
  • Finished with Pro Grip shaft and the eye-catching Agora flight range.
  • 22gm – Dia: 6.4mm, Length: 54mm.
  • 24gm – Dia: 6.6mm, Length: 55mm

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