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Shot Darts Dartboard Surround Black Polymer


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SKU: 2028
Category: Shot, Surrounds

Protect your walls from stray steel tip darts with the heavy-duty professional one-piece dartboard surround from Shot Darts. The durable injection-molded polymer ring fits securely over all standard-sized dart boards and holds stray dart points securely. Weighing in at 2 kilograms, it’s light and easy to install, just simply slip over your dartboard, and you’re ready to go.
This good-looking all-in-one surround has a non-reflective surface which ensures no distractions during play.

  • Protect your walls from stray darts
  • Prevent accidental damage to your darts-holds steel dart points firmly
  • Made from durable, high-density polymer for heavy use. Non-reflective surface. 
  • Fits securely over any standard-sized dartboard 
  • Light and ready to install-slips directly over your board

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