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One80 Black J21 03 90% Tungsten Darts 23gm


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SKU: 3359
Category: Darts, One80, Tungsten


With the new ONE80 Black J21 series ONE80 has pushed back production boundaries using a combination of convex curves, precision lineal cuts and radial grooving to produce our most advanced aerodynamic series to date.

The smooth transitions between groove sections maximizes comfort and grip security. The new electro titanium two colour coating gives the ONE80 Black J21 series a unique stunning visual look.

The ONE80 Proplast vice shafts feature an elegant design which maximizes airflow and minimizes robinhood. The special vice lock grip at the base of the stem provides a supreme hold for the flight. Use the spring ring in a slot lock to enhance the grip further.

Package includes 3x ONE80 Black J21 Dart Barrels, 3x ONE80 Black J21 Flights, and 6x Proplast Vice Shafts.

    • VHD (Very High Density) – 90% Tungsten (Steel Tip)
    • Handmade extra grip barrels
    • ONE80 Proplast Vice shafts
    • Set of 3
  • Diameter Max: 7.2mm
  • Length: 47mm

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